Exchange Rate

From Yahoo & Rakuten

jGlobe has made proxy purchasing from Japan so easy! Click “Proxy Purchase” from the main page will take you to the Proxy Purchase main page, on top section there are icons of shopping site which we currently offer products with, currently they are: Amazon Japan, Yahoo Shopping! Rakuten; We also have “Request Mode” which can be used to buy products only available from brand websites or available elsewhere. Using Amazon will need to install a small app, Google Chrome browser is required, please see How to Buy-From Amazon JP for more detail.

Search tool also have shopping site pull down menu for quicker access.

Important: When Proxy Purchase order is placed, your order will be process immediately and the order will be sent to the shopping site immediately. After order is placed we cannot cancel your order unless product is out of stock or price is different from originally quoted. Please double check the product you choose is correct for smooth transaction. Thank you for your understanding.

1st time payment: 2nd time payment:
Product price Payment fees charged by seller (if there is)*1
Proxy purchase service fee Price difference (if there is)*2
Optional service fee Domestic shipping fees (if there is)*3


International shipping fees
Memo: This is the payment when placing the order to make purchase. Memo: This is the payment if there are additional fees are charged by seller and also international shipping fee.

1. Payment fee charged by seller: Some seller provide limited payment option, some may or may not requires payment service fee. If such fee is charged, we will charge you during the 2nd time payment.
2. Price difference: If the product you ordered and the time when we place order to the seller, there is a difference in price, we will notify you first, upon your approval we will add the price difference in this section and charge during 2nd time payment.
3. Domestic shipping fee: If there is domestic shipping fee, this shipping cost will be charged during 2nd time payment.

Important Proxy Purchase notes and Option Service Plan

Proxy Purchase service, we purchase products based on your request, with the information or web page provided. Once we receive the product, we ship out as is (unless the packaging is not suitable for international shipping, we when change to a suitable box). Under basic service (no options selected), in these special situation listed below no refund nor return is accepted:

  • Product is damaged or its spec is different from listed on the website.
  • Product is lost or damaged during shipment.
  • Contact and negotiate with seller.

If you worry about the product you are purchasing, we have services to make you feel safe! We recommend choosing the Inspection Service Plan or the Value Service Plan described below. About the authenticity of the product you purchased, we have no way to verify it. Even if Inspection option is selected, when the product is fake we cannot negotiate with seller to return/refund the product. Please keep this in mind when buying luxury products.

You will see the following 3 Optional Service when you view your shopping cart:

Service Plan Fee Inspection Plan Insured Delivery
Value Plan
(Inspection+Insured Delivery)
500JPY Yes Yes
Inspection Plan 300JPY Yes No
Insured Delivery Plan 500JPY No Yes
Basic No No No

Brief description:
Basic: There is no extra fee, its basic plan. We will not be inspecting the products, will be shipped as received. Insured Delivery Plan: If product is damaged during shipping, we will refund the payment.
Inspection Plan: When package arrives our warehouse, we will inspect the following: Color, size, damage. For more detailed service plan ordinance, please see “How to buy – Optional Service”

1. Choose shopping site
At main page, click “Proxy Purchase” link will take you to this section. Top of this page there are icons of available shopping site which their products are linked on our website.
2. Search for your products

Please choose your products and add to shopping cart. If the product you choose has different color, size, it can also be chosen from the webpage.

On the left side of the screen there are product categories to choose from, also on top of the page there is search tool box, it is separated by shopping site for quick access.

3. Confirmation

When entering shopping cart, you can double check the items you added is correct or not.

Optional service such as: A. Product Check, B. Shipping Insurance can also be chosen here.

4. Payment and shipping

Proxy Purchase shipping and only be “Send to my warehouse”. Further down you can choose payment method, once done click Place Order.

Important: After this step your order can not be canceled.

5. Order complete

You can view you order from “My Account” at any time. You will receive order confirmation email from us shortly. When your product has arrived, we will also send you notification and you can view your package from “My Warehouse” for further instructions such as choosing consolidate packages and 2nd payment for domestic fees (shipping or purchasing payment fees if there is) and international shipping