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Convenience Store Pick Up

7-Eleven convenience store pickup service (When choosing FedEx to ship your product. Service is only available in Taiwan)

This service is limited to pick up in 7-Eleven store. This service is available for packages that is under 10kg, and 3 side maximum dimension is less than 45cm x 30cm x 30cm (the longest side is less or equal to 45cm, other two sides are less or equal to 30cm), and the total declared value is less than UDS$200.

When using this service, customer needs to inform FedEx customer service the tracking number and package informatino in order to process. When picking up at 7-Eleven store an ID card will with same name on the package recipient is required.

Package will be delivered to the chosen 7-Eleven store 2 days after notified customer service. When the package has arrive, FedEx will send SMS text message to notify customer. Package will need to be picked up within 7 days, after 7 days package will be return to FedEx warehouse.

  • 1.Payment
    Please choose FedEx shipping service and complete the other required service options.
  • 2.Shipping
    Shipping from Japan to Taiwan, when arriving, FedEx customer service staff will contact with you for custom clearing, during this time you can notify the staff which 7-Eleven store you would like the package to be delivered.
  • 3.Notification
    A SMS notification will be sent by designated 7-Eleven store to customers.
  • 4.Picking up
    Go to the appointed 7-Eleven store to pick up your package!