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jGlobe Direct is the fastest way to make your purchase. In this section, products are managed and sold by us directly and have ready stock*. After you make your purchase, products can be shipping immediately if the product is in our warehouse, our cut-off time is: 12:00 noon.

Some of the product listing have been labeled “Export Tax Free”, these type of products are tax free products if:
1. You have registered your account with foreign address.
2. Products must be shipping outside of Japan.
If your account meet these criteria, tax-free price will be shown on the product page tax already waived, and you can save the 8% sales tax.

If you also have some packages from Proxy Purchase or Forwarding and want to ship together, you can choose “Send to my warehouse” during shipping options screen, this will send your Direct Purchase product to the virtual warehouse in your account, you can then choose to combine package and ship together.

*Some products are shipped from our supplier to our warehouse after placed order, if the product falls under this category, be prepared to allow 1-3 days processing time. When order is placed, it will enter exporting process, cancelation is not possible. Please consider when placing order.

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1. Search for the products you need, choose color and size if available, and then add to cart.
Check items in your shopping cart
2. Check your shopping cart and verify it’s the product you choosed.
Check your order
3. Enter your shipping and billing information.

Billing Address
4. If the billing information is correct,you can proceed and click the 'Continue' button.
shipping method
5. If the payment information is correct,you can proceed and click the 'Continue' button.
payment method
6.Check the grand total and place order.

Your order has been successfully completed!

Your order has been successfully completed
7. You can access order information from “My Orders”, when your order is placed you will receive a confirmation letter from us.