Exchange Rate

Service Fees and Local Fees

jGlobe Direct purchased items, if choose to ship immediately there will not be a 2nd time payment. If the package is sent to “My Warehouse” then there will be 2nd time payment for international shipping fee as 1st time payment is only for the product itself.

For Proxy Purchases, there will be 2nd time payment. 1st time payment is for the product itself, proxy service fee and optional service fees if you choose. 2nd time payment is for local fees, local payment transaction fees and international shipping fees.

For using Forwarding service, there will only be 1 time payment. When product arrives we will send you notice, you may then check the package in “My Warehouse”, you can then decide to consolidate the packages to ship together or ship your package separately and issue payment for the international shipping fee.

Service Fees

Shopping Website within jGlobeService Fee
Yahoo Shopping! 0%
Rakuten 0%
Amazon Japan 0%
Others 5%

Optional Service Fees

Service NameService Fee
Inspection Service 300Yen/Order
Insured Shipping Service 500Yen/Order
Special Packaging 2500Yen/Product


For more details, please click: Optional Serivce

Local Shipping Charge
If the product you purchase thru our Proxy section, there is shipping fee labeled, it means the seller will charge local shipping fee to deliver to our warehouse. This fee will be charge to you during 2nd payment when product has arrived and ready to by shipped. Local shipping fees, if any, will most likely be clearly listed on the product page, if there is exception we will notify you.

Local Payment Transaction Fees
If the product you proxy purchased thru our website, the seller only offers payment options that a local transaction fee will need to apply, we will charge to you during the 2nd time payment.

Pricing Difference
If the product you proxy purchased, when our purchasing is placing order and noticed there is price difference then the price you have paid, we will:
1.Cancel your original order, and let you re-order the item with correct price.
2.If you agree on the new higher price, we will charge you the difference during 2nd time payment. Thus there is no need to cancel the order for quicker process.

Payment Explained:

1st time payment:: jGlobe Direct jGlobe Proxy Forwarding
Product’s Price
Proxy Service Fee
Optional Service Fee
International Shipping Fee
2nd time payment::      
Local Transaction Fee
Pricing Difference
Local Shipping Fee
Consolidate Package Fee
Forwarding Service Fee
International Shipping Fee

● Yes
○ If any will apply
— None

Consolidating Package Service
In “My Warehouse”, if there are several packages already waiting to be shipped, you can choose to consolidate the packages to save on shipping fees or simply ship each one as is. For more information, please see:Consolidate Package


Proxy Purchase total fee calculation:
Total = Product Price + Proxy Service Fee + Optional Service Fee + Local Fee + Consolidate Fee + International Shipping


Forwarding Fees

Forwarding fee is calculated by shipping weight. Shipping weight is based on the heavier weight of actual weight and dimensional weight. If the package is:
Actual Weight: 10kg
Dimensional Weight: 16kg
Forwarding fee table if shown as:
10kg = ¥3,600
16kg = ¥5,000
We will charge you by using 16kg=¥5,000. For forwarding fee table, please click: here
Total forwarding service fee will be calculated as following:
Total Fees = Forwarding Service Fee + Consolidating Fee + International Fee