Exchange Rate

Terms and Conditions

Do not purchase spray cans related products (aerosols)

jGlobe cannot ship spray cans, packages containing spray cans or other pressurized aerosols.

Items such as hair spray, tonic, face lotion, deodorant and gas canisters are likely to be packaged as spray cans.
Please check that the item is not a spray can before purchasing.

We do not accept products purchased by cash on delivery

When using the tenso shipping address at a Japanese shopping website please do not select cash/collect on delivery, deferred payment or any services that require credit card payment on delivery (such as e-Collect) as your payment method when making purchases. Note that we also cannot pay shipping costs on your behalf upon delivery either so please do not choose shipping cost payment on delivery. The mentioned payment methods may be displayed in the payment method field in Japanese as "代引き" or "代金引換" (cash on delivery), "着払い" (collect on delivery), "eコレクト" (e-Collect of Sagawa Transport), "クロネコ@ペイメント" (Kuroneko@Payment of Kuroneko Yamato Transport) or "送料着払い" (shipping cost payment on delivery).If any of the above are selected as your payment method we will reject the package when it arrives at the warehouse.

In addition, the website you had purchased the product(s) from may charge a cancellation fee. If such is the case the customer will be responsible for said fee. We ask that you please make sure not to choose cash on delivery/shipping cost payment on delivery when making purchases. cannot accept products paid for by Cash on Delivery at our storehouse. In such cases, the customer may be charged a cancellation fee.

We can not forward frozen goods, refrigerated goods, or perishables

All packages shipped overseas are stored at room temperature. As a result, frozen goods, refrigerated goods, and perishables that arrive at our warehouse may thaw and spoil. Because of this, we cannot forward frozen goods, refrigerated goods, and perishables.

As cannot be responsible for the handling of goods requiring refrigeration, please be careful not to purchase refrigerated goods, or perishables when shopping at online shops.

Attention to heat-sensitive items

We cannot guarantee heat-sensitive candies or chocolate will arrive in perfect shape without melting.

We are able to ship heat-sensitive items. However, please note that neither nor on-line stores cannot be held responsible for damage to items caused by exposure to heat during shipping.

Examples include candies, chocolate, gummies, marshmallows, cheese, etc.

No cancellation and returns on all purchases

Cancellations after placing an order on items are not permitted.

Cancellation and return cannot be applied for the following cases even if there are discrepancies.

Fake or imitation goods
Our inspection does not cover checking the authenticity of goods, and jGlobe does not take any liability for inspecting for fake or imitation goods.
Therefore, when bidding on brand items at Auction section or purchase brand items at Shopping section, the customer bears full responsibility for the item.

When items (such as electronics or machines) received are DOA or have defects
For Proxy Purchase and Forwarding service items, we do not test items for functionality. Therefore, jGlobe does not have any liability of the items in case you find out the items you received have problems with function or other mechanical problems. However, we can still inquire about the problems to the seller if customers request. Any inquiries can be sent to our customer support by email.

For Direct Sale items which are sold by jGlobe, products shipping will be visually inspected for apperance defects however we do not test the products. If product received is DOA  meaning non-operable, you may contact us within 7 days of receiving and we will accept exchange only. Buyer will be responsible for shipping fee occured for shipping products back to us. 

Please note: we are not able to accept items that passed the compensation period set by sellers.